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iTe Products – LEVELiTe – WX

iTe Products – LEVELiTe – WX

LEVELiTe®WX Fibre Reinforced self-levelling screed and smoothing compound developed for over wood type applications that sets to 20MPa.

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LEVELiTe®WX is a free flowing screeding compound that has been specifically formulated for smoothing over wooden and other surfaces prior to the installation of floor coverings. LEVELiTe®WX is suitable for use on:
  • Sound solid well bound wooden surfaces
  • Cementitious screeds
  • Power-floated concrete surfaces
  • Hardened, well adhered old non-water soluble adhesive residues that have been ground to remove excess residue
  • Soundly adhered ceramic and similar surfaces
LEVELiTe®WX can be applied in thicknesses from 0,3mm to 10mm in a single application. Usage rate is 1,4Kg per m2per 1mm thickness. Once cured it is resistant to moisture and will not swell or soften when exposed to moisture. The applied compound can be walked on after 3 to 4 hours. Floor coverings – such as carpeting, vinyl tiles and sheeting, laminated wood – can typically be installed 24 hours after application.

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