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iTe Products – IMPERViTe HW10 5L

iTe Products – IMPERViTe HW10 5L

IMPERViTe® HW10 is a blend of isomeric octyltriethoxysilane and siloxane hydrophobic materials which penetrate into the pores of plastered surfaces or natural stone façades preventing the ingress of water or moisture.

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The resulting reaction between the silicates in the building material create a waterproof, yet vapour permeable silicone resin network within the building product. The carrier of this system is water which enables use of the product in “green” applications. Advantage of using the IMPERViTe HW10 system:
  • No degradation of the façade occurs over time.
  • The natural appearance of the original building material is preserved.
  • No soiling due to pollutants, algae, dust or dirt can occur.

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