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iTe Products – IMPERViTe HS30 5L

iTe Products – IMPERViTe HS30 5L

IMPERViTe® HS30 is a water-based Silane/Siloxane system that prevents any water from entering the pores of building material,mineral substrates such as Concrete, bricks, Plastered surfaces or Natural Sandstone facades. This therefore prevents any soiling build-up, moss, algae or mildew on the surface of the raw building product.

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IMPERViTe® is a hydrophobic impregnation system where the Silane/Siloxanes react with the silica matrix of the building product, resulting in a silicon resin reaction within the matrix, making the surface a hydrophobic, yet vapour permeable surface. Unlike other waterproof coatings, IMPERViTe® does not alter the appearance of the surface to which it is applied. IMPERViTe® contains no VOC’s and is totally compliant with green building requirements.  

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