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iTe Products – GRIPiTe V30 SD 20L

iTe Products – GRIPiTe V30 SD 20L

GRIPiTe®V30 SD is a Static Dissipative and Conductive Flooring Adhesive.

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GRIPiTe®V30 SD Has a low odour, making it suitable for use in rooms adjacent to occupied areas. It is water-based, with no organic solvents, this adhesive is “green” and complies with all GBCSA requirements. GRIPiTe®V30 SD:
  • Is a high bond strength static dissipative floor coverings adhesive.
  • Has conductive properties which enable the discharge or dissipation of electrical charges which build up in vinyl flooring to a discharge earth leakage point.
  • Is a single component adhesive supplied.
GRIPiTe®V30 SD, is suitable for use with the installation of:
  • Semi-flexible vinyl tiles onto cement-based substrates.
  • Fully flexible vinyl tiles onto cement-based substrates.
  • Vinyl Sheeting onto cement-based substrates.
  • Unbacked carpet tiles onto cement-based substrates.
* Should you be unsure as to the material and adhesive to utilise in your application please consult with the ITe Products technical team.

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