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iTe Products – GRIPiTe H80 15KG

iTe Products – GRIPiTe H80 15KG

GRIPiTe® H80 is a one-part silicone modified polymer hybrid adhesive.

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GRIPiTe® H80:
  • Is moisture curing, which makes it totally resistant to water and any residual moisture
  • Has low odour, making it suitable for use in areas adjacent to those that are occupied.
  • Contains no VOC’s, is solvent-free and completely compliant with all GBCSA green building requirements, and can be used either indoors or outdoors.
GRIPiTe® H80 can be used for the installation of:
  • Synthetic grass to concrete and other substrates.
  • LVT’s (Luxury Vinyl Tile or Plank). in areas where their dimensional stability may be compromised. (In front of windows and doorways, where moisture may be of concern. such as walk in fridges, wet areas In shopping complexes or where water from the surface may affect Integrity of adhesives below floor coverings.
  • Engineered and solid wood to cementitious substrates
  • Should you be unsure as to the material and adhesive to utilise in your application please consult with the iTe Products technical team.
GRIPiTe® H80’s solvent-free composition allows It to be used in applications onto waterproofing systems, such as torch-on”, bitumen and acrylic this can however not be guaranteed as the long-term effects of plasticizer migration are not fully understood as temperature fluctuation in these applications is outside of the manufacturers control. Its flexibility aids in preventing the glue-line from fracturing under low levels of expansion and contraction of the waterproofing system. Before installing over the waterproofing, consult with the manufacturers of the synthetic grass and waterproofing systems for any special precautions or specific instructions.

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