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iTe Products – DECORiTe

iTe Products – DECORiTe

DECORiTe®SLU self-levelling floor screed compound is a free-flowing self-levelling compound developed for heavy commercial and light industrial applications that sets to >20MPa.

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DECORiTe®SLU has been specifically formulated for levelling and smoothing rough or uneven sub-floors prior to the application of DECORiTe® CEMOX floor finish and is suitable for use on cementitious screeds, concrete power floated surfaces, hardened old adhesive residues and soundly adhered ceramic and similar surfaces. Its high strength formulation has been designed to repair a variety of sub-floor types, including cement/sand screeds, and concrete floors. The applied compound can be walked on after 2 to 3 hours. Application of the DECORiTe® CEMOX can be commenced the following day. DECORiTe®SLU can be applied in a feathered finish down to approximately 0,3mm, up to 10mm thick in one application. The standard application for DECORiTe® CEMOX is 5mm. It is resistant to moisture once cured, and will not swell or delaminate. Final strength is >20MPa.

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