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iTe Products Difference

Research and development is a key part of what we do. We have absolute confidence in the products we manufacture, but we continually strive to make them more efficient, more cost-effective and greener. We are at the forefront of research in concrete, flooring adhesives and waterproofing.



We believe that the status quo exists to be challenged! We carefully consider all customer feedback and the results of our in-house testing to see how we might improve our products. We have built lasting relationships within the construction and flooring industries in South Africa so we can be ahead of the game in developing new products to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

At iTe Products we regard the established industry standards are merely a starting point and we pride ourselves on each of our products consistently exceeding the relevant quality standard. From selection of raw materials through sampling and continuous testing during the manufacturing process, to packaging and delivery of finished products, quality is inherent in everything we do.


iTe Pryamid

Confidence – Trust iTe Products to give you peace of mind

Warranty – Guaranteed iTe quality and durability

Better performance – One-stop shop: complete products system

Ease of use – Save time and money on site

Local support and training – Proudly South African

Quality and value for money – Matches or exceeds quality of imported products – at a lower price

Research and development to improve existing products and create new ones – Product speaks for itself


Collaborative partnerships with our employees, suppliers and customers are a key component of how we do business. By sharing information and experiences we can bring better service and peace of mind to our customers by delivering high quality, lasting solutions.


Cost-savings are built into every step of the process of using iTe Products: products which are easier to mix and prepare, and which set rapidly but have a longer working time, save you time on site. Education and training of fitters prevents waste and ensures a superior result. We supply products that help you build for tomorrow by giving you lasting results. Our products have an exceptionally low failure rate, meaning that we can issue a warranty and you won’t be faced with the cost and hassle of repeating work.

The absence of VOCs and other harmful chemicals from iTe Products means that they are safer to work and live with, and better for the environment – the most important saving of all.


Our technical teams are always on hand to answer your questions, train your people in the correct use of our products for optimum performance, and assist you in solving problems. If you have a construction or flooring challenge, and no-one else will help you, contact us – even if you’re not an iTe Products customer.

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